“I had taken Pilates with a lot of different people, but for some reason it didn’t click until I found Roberta at Rolates. I have faith in everything I do knowing that Roberta completely understands what my body needs.”
Maria Kowroski – principal Dancer New York City Ballet, quoted in Dance Magazine 12/04

“After 20 years of rugby in Australia my back and knees had taken a pounding. As well I had chronically bad pasture and constantly tight hamstrings. I was definitely part of the limping wounded. But in a moment of madness, I wanted to try martial arts. So I tried Rolates to see if I could get my battered body into shape. Roberta tailored my program and the results came even quicker than I had hoped. My posture instantly improved taking the stress of my lower back and getting rid of the pain in my knees. Also the Pilates greatly improved flexibility, speed and power in both my legs and upper body. Overall, Roberta’s remarkable expertise in Pilates re-structured my body to make it leanen, tall, more flexible and powerful. So whether you want to kick someone else’s butt or just tighten your own, you won’t find a better program than Rolates or a better teacher than Roberta”
Matt Sherring – Advertising Writer

“I heartily recommend Pilates and, specifically, Rolates Pilates.  Prior to January, 2009, I went dancing each week, hiked and could walk 1-mile at breakneck speed without stopping.  Then, I fell and tore the tendon under my right foot and the tendon along the side of my right leg and could not walk at all.  I endured rocker boots for months, a cane for a year and 15 straight months of physical therapy.  I got well enough to walk slowly without the cane, but had no balance on the subway, couldn’t go down the slopes at the curbs, and had to hold onto lamp posts in gusts of wind.  Most of all, I continuously inflamed my injuries and it became two steps forward and one back almost every week.  My Physical Therapist graduated me, but recommended that I go to Pilates and strengthen my core. 
I started with Roberta at Rolates Pilates in April, 2010.  She consulted with my Physical Therapist and reviewed my home program.  She has very creatively tailored my workouts to achieve goals of getting back to all my normal activities.  I learned that I had been walking incorrectly all my life, favoring my feet and legs, which weakened them.  With Roberta’s training, I have considerably straightened my back, and learned to walk using my strengthened glutes, hamstrings and core. For example, Roberta adds one to four pads under my ankles on the Cadillac when I push, which has enabled me to handle declines.  In fact, going to Rolates Pilates and continuing my home program (a mixture of physical therapy and pilates-recommended stretching and strengthening exercises), I have gotten back to dancing, walking quickly, and hiking.  I recently achieved my goal of going partway down the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon.  I have kept the promise I made to myself when I could not walk:  That I would work hard to make my body stronger and healthier than it was before the injuries.  I continue to work on this with Roberta and am grateful for the results.”
Madeline Artenberg – Senior Tech Writer / Process Analyst / published Poet