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Rolates Pilates has a tranquil massage room on premises for the licensed massage therapists that we recommend.

Massaging is the art of applying structured or unstructured pressure, tension and motion to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, joints, lymphatic vessels. All our massage therapists are licensed health care practitioners.
- Massage For The Body
- Relieve stress and aid relaxation
- Relieve muscle tension and stiffness
- Provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion
- Enhances athletic performance; Treats injuries caused during sport or work
- Promotes deeper and easier breathing
- Improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids A more relaxed state of mental alertness
- Helps relieve mental stress

Recommended Licensed Massage Therapists

Pascale Solages-Josephson LMT, MS Pascale's clients say her work is not only amazing, but their stiff and sore muscles melt under her firm and healing touch. You will leave feeling restored, energized and aligned. You too can benefit from her wealth of knowledge of massage and fitness experience. She incorporates the effective healing modalities of Swedish Massage, Thai Yoga, Sports Massage, Active Isolated Stretching and Facial Rejuvenation - Everyone Loves this! It's no wonder She has been a featured expert in numerous health and fitness magazines. Certified by Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation , ACSM, (American College of Sports Medicine)AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), Maximum Performance Institute, A.I Flexibility Specialist, NYU, as an Exercise Specialist and a Masters Degree in Education. 
Web: http://www.pascalesol.com
Email: pascalesol@earthlink.net
Phone: 646-926-1426
Kathy Lynn Wood Kathy has always been fascinated by the potentials of the human body. Her bodywork training began at the Swedish Institute: achieving certification in Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and Lymphatic. She is grateful to have received t'ai chi and qi gong lessons that regenerate the life force channels that the Asian Disciplines speak of. Kathy now also offers Reiki. Reiki is a universal healing light energy . This Life force energy , or "chi"  is both
intelligent and non-judgmental. Reiki is a wonderful tool and gift for relaxation. 
Web: http://www.kathylynnwood.com
Email: kathylynnwood@gmail.com
Phone: 917-623-9552


The Alexander Technique is a 100-year-old method for helping you learn how to use your body properly. I use gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction to help you prevent movement patterns that wear you down by the end of the day or cause pain. There are no exercises, machines or special clothing. Instead, you apply the principles to your normal activities. It takes from 5-30 lessons to learn the Alexander Technique and all lessons are either private or shared and are taken once or twice per week.
The theory behind the Alexander Technique is that people habitually and unnecessarily shorten and narrow their bodies. This habit is generally described as excess tension, and it degrades posture, inhibits movement and causes pain.  Excess tension also reduces the internal capacity  for internal organs, and makes breathing more difficult. As an Alexander teacher, I show you how to free yourself of the habits of excess tension so that you can gain a renewed feeling of ease and lightness, as well as look and feel better every day of your life.
Alexander Technique lessons can help you:
- Reduce back pain.
- Improve posture.
- Prevent excess tension.
- Improve computer posture.
- Improve balance.
- Improve breathing.
- Reduce anxiety.
- Look and feel younger.
- Improve athletic performance.
- Feel lighter and stronger whether or not you exercise.
- Renew your experience of yourself.

Leland Vall Certified Alexander Technique Instructor
Certified Art of Breathing Instructor
Leland Vall, M.AmSAT has been a nationally certified Alexander Technique instructor since 1996. The author of The Secret to Using Your Body, he teaches individuals and groups improved posture and breathing so that they look and feel better every day.
Web: http://www.freeyourneck.com
Email: leland@freeyourneck.com
Phone: (917) 239-6313