The Bridge and Mentoring Programs

Bridging satisfies two agendas, one for those who are certified, or have attained a diploma from another program; the second is for those coming from other programs that desire to complete a certificate program. Bridging takes place during our regularly scheduled training dates, while the Mentoring program is constructed around the dates you choose.

Bridging is a wonderful way for certified instructors to learn and re-visit the principles and exercises of Pilates. It provides the opportunity to freshen-up, or enhance your advanced work that is not always used in everyday instruction, and to diversify your Pilates routine.

The Bridge program is also appropriate for Pilates teachers who have taken, but have not completed, a Pilates instructor training program elsewhere.

In both of these cases, Rolates Pilates provides the training that ultimately results in competency teaching on all Pilates apparatus. Upon completion of The Bridge Program, certificate candidates can be confident they have been well prepared to sit for the nationally and internationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification exam.

An entrance assessment is required for all Bridge participants, establishing your understanding and knowledge of Pilates in order to determine your program needs.
Depending on your bridge level, you may need to purchase a manual.

The Mentoring Program

This program is geared for all those who can’t attend a regularly scheduled training program, and allows you to create your own focus of study on the dates and time of your choosing.

It means that you can still study with Roberta, but aren’t tied to the set dates of our regular training programs. Using our Mentoring program enables participants the freedom to pick their own dates and times that coordinate with travel plans for international travellers and out-of-towners. You plan your private training sessions with Roberta according to your schedule.

Your program is personalized, based on your knowledge of Pilates and your educational goals. For example, you could take a double sessions during the day, observe any sessions, and have time in between to discuss any topics you have a desire to concentrate on, while still having enough time to sight-see around town.

Roberta’s Training Philosophy

Roberta comes from a classical Pilates training background having studied with many of the “Elders” who were direct protégés of Joe Pilates. Roberta believes in the classical method as the best why to find balance and strength in your body, and is dedicated to teaching the original methods. Roberta always forms a thoughtful program for each of her clients to match their needs.

The Rolates Pilates studio takes place in the very studio where Clare and Joe Pilates both lived and worked. When studying with Roberta at Rolates Pilates, you are truly experiencing the roots of Pilates and where it all started in NYC.